What Should A Married Man Do When Dating A Married Woman?

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Dating a married woman is indeed a challenging affair for a married man. Those who want to date with married woman looking for men may make their task easier and less complicated. When the married woman considers her marriage as sacred and not interested to have extramarital affairs the married man may find the dating highly complicated. If the married man had come across with the married woman on the dating sites for married people, it will be rather easier for the man to seduce her. The man should first of all ensure that the woman who is already married enjoys his company.


The man must make direct approach. He should meet her in person and tell her that he is interested to date with her. She may not welcome emails or texts from the man and by sending them the married man will be giving her opportunities to express her dislike by way of outright rejection of the texts and the emails. Hence, the married man may better avoid this type of communication in the early stages. The married men who are very particular about making more efforts to impress the woman may find the following tips very useful to fulfill their dreams.


Openly appreciate her beauty


Women feel very happy when someone appreciates their beauty. The married man should make it a point to compliment the beauty of the married woman with whom he is dating, indirectly. However, he may ensure that his words of appreciation of her beauty are not in excess. He may appreciate her just for the purpose of making friends. When a friendship is developed, it will be easier for the married man to become her lover.


Make her feel that she gets special care from the man


The success of a married man in pleasing the married woman with whom he wants to date depends on how he makes her feel special. He should dress up smartly when in the company of her and whenever he meets her he should give her a surprise. It may be by getting her favorite flowers or by bringing a surprise gift for her. However, the married man should carefully take the steps to please her. She should not get the feeling that the man is doing them with a purpose.


Bring her to the jovial mood


Usually the married woman looking for men are those who are fed up with a monotonous relationship. The most effective way to attract her is to make lot of fun and excitement. When the man is capable of bringing the married woman back to her happy and jovial mood, it is most unlikely that she will refuse to be his dating partner. When she realizes that in his company she is able to come out of her dullness created by the monotonous relationship with her husband, she will be more willing to spend time with the married man. Once the married woman really starts to enjoy his company she will start spending more time in his company and consequently the married man will have more time to entertain her.


Be serious while talking with her and ensure healthy conversation always


The married man who is dating a married woman must be aware of the fact that she is a married woman with various responsibilities and hence she may be talking to others rarely. She will like only healthy, serious and meaningful conversation and most of the times she may talk about family life, cooking and various domestic tasks. The married man should make the conversation more interesting as well as lively by talking about current affairs in politics, movies, society, religion and more. He can also talk about different places to visit. He can make the conversation healthier by identifying her interests as well as favorite topics. He should appreciate the way she reasons so that she will be convinced that he is appreciating her abilities and knowledge and not just her physical beauty.


Listen to her problems


While dating a married woman the easiest way for the married man to attract her is to patiently listen to her problems and offer support to her. However, the married man should not go on agreeing with whatever she says and also he should abstain from saying bad about her husband. The married woman may be badly in need of someone who listens to her problems but due to lack of trust she may hesitate to open her mouth. When the married man induces confidence in her and she finds a good friend in him she starts speaking about her real problems.


Encourage married women


In married woman dating the married man should make it a point to congratulate her when she achieves something in her career or in her life. When she gets a promotion in her job or when she passes an examination he should not miss to congratulate her. In case he is unable to meet her immediately he can send her a text congratulating her. If she cooks some dishes for the first time, he should appreciate her interest as well as effort and should encourage her to try more new dishes.


Make her convinced that he is a thorough gentleman


When she helps him to complete his project he must be grateful to her and when she does something for him out of her way, he should thank her. Such gestures will make her closer to him.


Be discreet


When the married woman starts to move closely with the married man who wants to date with her, he should convince her that he will be discreet. The man should give assurance to the married woman for keeping their relationship a secret. She must be convinced that the man is trustworthy and will not reveal about their relationship under any circumstance.


Not an easy task


The married men usually come to know about the married women who are in search of dating partners through the dating sites for married people. The woman should get attracted to the man sexually and it is the first and foremost task of the married man to make her get attracted sexually. Whatever the married man does and speaks in her presence should have an element of sexual attraction. The style, body language and behavior of the married man must be masculine when he is in the company of the married woman. When she recognizes the masculinity of the married man her sexual feelings will be aroused and automatically she tends to get attracted towards the married man.



Married man can create a spark between him and the married woman through flirting. Once she is convinced that the married man is sexually interested in her, he should start to build sexual tension between them. The married man should start using seductive words while talking to her as well as sending text to her. He may also evoke her sexual feelings by sending her sexy pictures. Getting a married woman for dating is not an easy task for a married man and he has to put a lot of efforts.




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